SyracuseCoE Invites Applications for 2016-17 Faculty Fellows Program and Announces 2015-2016 Faculty Fellows

SyracuseCoE—New York State’s Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems—recently launched a new round of its Faculty Fellows Program. The intent of the program is to strengthen faculty scholarship in SyracuseCoE’s core technical areas: clean and renewable energy, indoor environmental quality, and water resources. The Faculty Fellows Program will fund projects to provide research leadership to SyracuseCoE and support engagements with academic and industry partners.

For the 2016-2017 Academic Year, SyracuseCoE is opening the Faculty Fellows Program to all faculty at SyracuseCoE Partner institutions Syracuse University, SUNY Upstate Medical University (UMU), and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF). SyracuseCoE has released a Request For Proposals and intends to award up to $100,000 in this round. The deadline for applications is October 2, 2016.

The following Syracuse University faculty were designated as Faculty Fellows for the 2015-2016 Academic year in the first round of the Faculty Fellows program:

  • Jeongmin Ahn – Associate Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Ben Akih-Kumgeh – Assistant Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Amber Bartosh – Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
  • Don Carr – Professor, College of Visual + Performing Arts
  • David Chandler – Associate Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Hamid Dalir – Associate Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Thong Dang – Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Cliff Davidson – Thomas C. and Colleen L. Wilmot Professor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering Program Director, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Jason Dedrick – Professor, School of Information Studies
  • Charles Driscoll – University Professor of Environmental Systems and Distinguished Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Melissa Green – Assistant Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science. Syracuse University
  • Chris Johnson – Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • H. Ezzat Khalifa – NYSTAR Distinguished Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Bess Krietemeyer – Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
  • Laura Lautz – Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Shalabh Maroo – Assistant Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Todd Moss – Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Faculty Director and Sustainable Enterprise Partnership, Whitman School of Management
  • Daekwon Park – Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
  • Tarek Rakha – Assistant Professor, School of Architecture
  • Pete Wilcoxen – Professor, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
  • Teng Zeng – Assistant Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Jianshun Zhang – Professor, College of Engineering & Computer Science




16th ANNUAL SYRACUSECOE SYMPOSIUM Transforming Design and Energy for a Sustainable and Resilient Future

Square News Graphic

SyracuseCoE will host its 16th annual Symposium next week, featuring advances in research and technology that are transforming design and energy for sustainable and resilient built environments. The  Symposium will be held on September 21 and 22 at the Crowne Plaza on 701 E. Genesee St. and at SyracuseCoE Headquarters, 727 E. Washington St., in Syracuse, NY.

The one-and-a-half day Symposium will bring together experts on high-performance buildings, the electrical system and smart grids, and opportunities for future innovations impacting the built environment. This year’s program will feature five keynote speakers and more than 40 speakers in sessions that address topics from high-performance buildings to human-centered urban design, from nanoscale-enabled energy systems to cyber-physical interactive environments, and from smart grids and power system resiliency to adaptive building systems and performance augmentation materials.The event also includes a poster session and competition featuring 31 students from four universities, a dynamic networking reception, and tours of new SyracuseCoE Laboratories.

Keynote speakers are:

  • Michelle Addington, Hines Professor of Sustainable Architectural Design, Yale University will present Technological Pasts and Futures
  • Jennifer Gerbi, Program Director, ARPA-E will present ARPA-E: Saving Energy Outside the Box
  • Gurdip Singh, Associate Dean for Research, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Syracuse University will present Perspectives on Smart and Connected Communities and Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Skylar Tibbits, Director of the Self-Assembly Lab, MIT will present Self-Assembly & Programmable Materials
  • Fei Wang, assistant professor at the School of Architecture, Syracuse University will present Design Energy Futures

“The SyracuseCoE Symposium offers our stakeholders in academia, industry and government an opportunity to come together with others in the community to share cutting edge research and develop new collaborations to address key challenges and opportunities for clean energy innovations for a vibrant future.” said Ed Bogucz, executive director of SyracuseCoE.

“Attendees will take away knowledge about the latest research in sustainable and resilient built environments that range from nano-scale to city-scale.” said Symposium Committee Chair, Dr. Tarek Rakha from Syracuse University’s School of Architecture, “Topics will address integration of design with energy for a sustainable future within the confines of new market conditions.”

Program Schedule

Review the Symposium Program Schedule here.


Registration is required and seating is limited – please visit the SyracuseCoE Symposium Registration page for more information and to register.

New Nanotechnology for Vintage Single-Pane Windows: ARPA-E’s SHIELD Research Program

Research and Technology Forum, August 30, 2016

Single-pane windows are a legacy of an earlier era of building construction. Despite their inefficiency compared to modern panes, they are still fairly common even in a cool climate such as Syracuse’s. There’s enough energy to be saved by improving them that ARPA-E, one of the newest agencies in the U.S. Department of Energy, has just launched the “SHIELD” program of fourteen research projects. This talk introduced the intricate science underlying the performance of the apparently simple single pane window. Dr. Blanchet then described the very challenging materials developments that are needed to improve them. The same developments in science may also lead to new technologies for windows in new construction. Finally, Dr. Blanchet provided a narration for the development of SHIELD as an example of how ARPA-E funds energy research, and summarized the portfolio of windows research projects that have been funded by ARPA-E.



Dr. Graciela Blanchet
Technology-To-Market Advisor at the Advanced Research Projects Agaency, ARPA-E, U.S. Department of Energy

Dr. Graciela Blanchet helps prepare breakthrough energy technologies for transition from lab to market, specifically focusing on renewable energy and carbon footprint mitigation.

Prior to joining ARPA-E, Blanchet served as the Chief Technical Officer at NanoTerra for five years. While in this role, Blanchet recruited and hired top-tier scientists and guided them in the process of development and commercialization of functional nanomaterials, water purification reactors, and high resolution printing of silicon-photovoltaic cells. Prior to working at NanoTerra, Blanchet spent much of her career at DuPont where she held multiple positions. While at DuPont, Blanchet led the printable electronics and laser imaging efforts developing technologies that have since been successfully commercialized.

Blanchet holds her Ph.D. in Physics from Brown University and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires. Blanchet has more than 60 patents and has published more than 65 academic papers.

Lt. Governor Hochul Celebrates Opening of New Labs at SyracuseCoE

Lt Governor Kathleen Kathy Hochul Visits COE Labs Ribbon Cutting Regional Economic Development Council
Lt Governor Kathleen Kathy Hochul Visits COE Labs Ribbon Cutting Regional Economic Development Council

New York State Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul visited the headquarters of the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems (SyracuseCoE) on Wednesday, Aug. 24, to celebrate the opening of new labs that will fuel research, teaching and industry collaboration by students and faculty members from Syracuse University and SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). Hochul was joined by Syracuse University Vice Chancellor Mike Haynie, SUNY ESF President Quentin Wheeler, Centerstate Corporation for Economic Opportunity President and CEO Rob Simpson and SyracuseCoE Executive Director Ed Bogucz in offering remarks and cutting the ribbon.

The new labs are designed to support research, teaching and industry collaboration on combustion technology, energy conversion, flow visualization, energy-efficient building systems and biofuels production. They will be used by by students and faculty from Syracuse University, SUNY ESF and corporate partners of SyracuseCoE. Initial research and development projects that are already underway are funded by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

Industries associated with environmental and energy systems are critical to New York State’s economy and research universities are drivers of New York’s economic success. Central New York benefits from these facilities by strategically enabling Syracuse University and SUNY ESF to recruit bright new faculty members and prepare students for jobs at companies in Central New York and around the world.

The new labs were constructed as a component of an $8.7 million investment in new facilities at SyracuseCoE that was catalyzed by a $3 million award from New York State that was made through the process of annual awards focused on priorities developed by Regional Economic Development Councils. The balance of funding for the project came from private and federal sources.

SyracuseCoE Announces The First Round of 2016 Innovation Fund Winners

SYRACUSE, NY, July 29, 2016 – Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems (SyracuseCoE) recently announced that five Central New York companies have received the SyracuseCoE 2016 Innovation Fund Award in total $36,199. The Innovation Fund is supported by funding from SyracuseCoE Partners and is designed to support Partners’ efforts to overcome barriers to the commercialization of potentially transformative innovations.

The five award-winning companies and their projects are:

  • The Standard Hydrogen Corporation of Ithaca, for their project to clear remaining obstacles in building the initial demonstration station by building a financial and physical model of the proposed system.
  • Sparkcharge of Syracuse, for their project of the portable electric charging stations. Their model allows electric car owners to choose the amount of portable energy they bring and provides a safety net when traveling long distances where charging stations are scarce.
  • EkoStinger, Inc of Rochester, for their product called EkoStinger that addresses the emissions reduction from semitrailers pulling 48’ and 53’ trailers.
  • Kohilo of Auburn, for increasing the number of shifts from one to three thereby increasing the output of clean energy wind turbines and the number of jobs available in the Syracuse area.
  • LC Drives of Potsdam, for making improvements in efficiency, and overall weight of the wind technology in hopes of decreasing the cost of a wind turbine system.

“The Innovation Fund Awards are a remarkable example of how members of the SyracuseCoE Partner Program have a direct impact on moving technology toward commercialization and creating meaningful opportunities for Central New York companies,” said Ed Bogucz, SyracuseCoE executive director. “The awards, based on technical merit and sound principles, have tremendous potential to strengthen each company through the success of their projects.”

After an initial review by SyracuseCoE staff, selected applicants were invited to participate in a proposal pitch to a panel of judges, including members of the SyracuseCoE Industry Partners Council, SyracuseCoE staff and others. Proposals for Round 2 of the SyracuseCoE Innovation Fund will be invited to submit again in 2017.

Eligibility for awards is extended to all current members of the SyracuseCoE Partner Program. Proposals may include collaborations with non-Partner Program firms and academic partners; however, proposals must be submitted and led by members of the SyracuseCoE Partner Program.


Innovative Students And Professionals Sought For ‘Hackathon’ To Envision New Products For Thermal And Environmental Control

SYRACUSE, NY, July 25, 2016 – Targeting emerging opportunities for a new generation of innovative products in the Central New York’s industry cluster in thermal and environmental controls (TEC), SyracuseCoE invites students and professionals to participate in “TEChack, “a 2-day “hackathon” on August 1 and 2. SyracuseCoE organized TEChack in partnership with Anaren, Inc., the CNY Technology Development Organization, and CASE at Syracuse University.

TEChack is designed to conceive TEC innovations that are capable of operating within the exponentially growing “Internet of Things (IoT).” – Students and industry professionals will compete in teams to conceive, develop and demonstrate actual working product concepts for IoT-enabled embedded devices utilizing Anaren’s Atmosphere IoT Development Platform, a web-based development platform that enables IoT capabilities in systems using Bluetooth® Low Energy devices. Winning teams will receive cash prizes, and each participant will receive an Anaren Multi-Sensor Development Kit and access to the free Anaren Atmosphere development platform.

During TEChack, teams will be guided by Mihir Dani of Anaren, a Syracuse University College of Engineering and Computer Science graduate and a recognized award-winning “hackspert” who has mentored numerous teams who went on to become hackathon winners at IoT World 2015, 2016 and Sensors Expo 2016.

Seating at TEChack is limited and advanced registration is required; interested students and professionals can get additional information and register at

“TEChack brings together three cornerstones of the Central New York economy: thermal and environmental controls, precision sensing and data analytics, and engineering and science research and education,” said Ed Bogucz, SyracuseCoE executive director. “We celebrate the strengths and creativity in each sector, and we look forward to the ideas that will be emerging when they come together.”

“Anaren is very pleased to partner with SyracuseCoE in developing TEChack,” said Mark Bowyer, Anaren’s Director of Business Development, Wireless IoT. “The Internet of Things continues to create an amazing variety of new and innovative solutions for companies around the world, and we welcome this opportunity to help students and professionals in Central New York explore possibilities and perhaps set the stage for prototyping the next great IoT innovation,” Bowyer added.

“TEChack exemplifies opportunities for firms in Central New York to incorporate ‘data-to-decision’ technologies into their next-generation products,” said Cindy Oehmigen, president of the CNY Technology Development Organization. “CNYTDO is strategically targeting ‘D2D’ opportunities in our activities, and we look forward to working with local firms to pursue commercialization of ideas that are conceived at TEChack.”

“CASE welcomes the opportunity to partner with SyracuseCoE in TEChack,” said Pramod Varshney, CASE director and Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University. “We look forward to leveraging our networks of students and firms that are engaged with our co-op program.”

TEChack is supported by the Advanced Manufacturing in Thermal and Environmental Controls (AM-TEC) initiative, which is designed to strengthen the cluster of Central New York manufacturers of systems that heat and cool buildings, refrigerate produce, control manufacturing processes, and enable a variety of other applications. AM-TEC is led by SyracuseCoE in partnership with CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity, Manufacturers Association of Central New York, NYSTAR, Central New York Technology Development Organization, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, and Onondaga Community College Small Business Development Center.

Additional information about TEChack is available at

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About SyracuseCoE

SyracuseCoE, New York State’s Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems at Syracuse University engages collaborators at 200+ companies and institutions to address global challenges in clean and renewable energy, indoor environmental quality, and water resources. Our members conduct targeted research, demonstrate new technologies, commercialize innovations, and educate the workforce.


About to enter its 50th year in business, Anaren, Inc. designs, manufactures and sells custom high-frequency solutions and standard components for the wireless communications, space and defense electronics, wireless consumer electronics, and IoT markets. Additional information can be found at