Disrupting Climate Disruption – September Research & Technology Forum

At the September Research and Technology Forum two SyracuseCoE researchers presented technological and economic approaches to the issue of climate disruption. The presenters offered strategies on reducing carbon emissions at the center’s Research and Technology Forum.

Prof. Peter Wilcoxen, a SyracuseCoE Faculty Fellow, presented the idea of a tax reform package that would include a small carbon tax, which could to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by a considerable amount (or considerably). The tax would not only reduce carbon emissions, but also reduce the tax on income, which lead to heightened investment and GDP.

Ryan Falkenstein-Smith, a graduate student researcher from the COMER Lab at SyracuseCoE, detailed his research on the development of oxygen transport membranes (OTMs) and their role in the process of carbon capture. The development of OTMs can revolutionize carbon capture, reducing energy and financial costs.


Ryan Falkenstein-Smith, PhD candidate in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Syracuse University

Peter Wilcoxen, Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, a Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence, and a Senior Research Associate at the Center for Policy Research.


Neil Webb, Director of Business Development at OBG.