Idea to Acquisition – Aaron Crumm

Dr. Crumm’s PhD work at the University of Michigan led to the founding of Adaptive Materials Inc. (AMI). AMI grew to become an alternative energy market leader and after attracting more than $50 million in contracts was acquired by Ultra Electronics Inc.. Crumm’s simple, yet radical, business proposition was to develop a portable solid oxide fuel cell system that ran off of readily available fuel. Prior to founding Adaptive Materials, Crumm gained insight into electric power generation as a nuclear engineer. He earned his bachelor of science degree in nuclear engineering from Purdue University and a PhD in material science from the University of Michigan. Crumm is a highly regarded and respected speaker at many alternative energy symposiums and fuel cell conferences, is an advisor at Augment Ventures and Entrepreneur in Residence with the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship.


Dr. Aaron Crumm – Founder, Adaptive Materials Inc.