SyracuseCoE Symposium

For almost two decades SyracuseCoE has hosted an annual Symposium at Syracuse University, featuring the latest advances in research, development and demonstrations that accelerate innovations for clean energy, healthy buildings and resilient communities. Each year the event engages a wide audience, including industry practitioners, state and local officials and university faculty and students.

17th Annual SyracuseCoE  Symposium

Water + Energy + Design: Innovations for Healthy, Vibrant Communities

October 4th, 2017 at Crowne Plaza, Syracuse

2017 Symposium

16th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Transforming Design and Energy for a Sustainable and Resilient Future

September 21-22, 2016, SyracuseCoE HQ and Crowne Plaza, Syracuse
2016 Symposium


15th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Clean Energy Frontiers: From Lab to Market
November 9-10, 2015, SyracuseCoE HQ and Crowne Plaza, Syracuse
2015 Symposium 


14th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Advanced Buildings Systems: Integrating Efficiency, Quality, and Resilience
October 15-16, 2014, SyracuseCoE HQ and Crowne Plaza, Syracuse



13th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Urban Reinvention and Resilience
October 21-22, 2013, Oncenter, Syracuse



12th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

12th Annual Symposium on Environmental and Energy Systems
October 10-11, 2012, Syracuse University, Oncenter, Syracuse



11th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Unleashing the Clean Economy: Regional Innovations for Sustainable Communities
September 22-23, 2011, Oncenter, Syracuse



10th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Restoring Sustainable, Healthy Communities
September 27-28, 2010, Oncenter, Syracuse



9th International Conference & Exhibition

Healthy Buildings 2009, International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
September 13-17, 2009, Onondaga County Civic Center, Oncenter, Syracuse



8th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Creating Resilience in Sustainable Communities
September 29-30, 2008, Oncenter, Syracuse



7th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Building Innovations for Climate Change
October 22-23, 2007, Oncenter, Syracuse



6th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Innovative Built Environments: Design with Nature
October 30-31, 2006, The Marx Hotel, Syracuse



5th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

2005 Syracuse Symposium on Environmental and Energy Systems
October 23-25, 2005, Syracuse University and Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center, Syracuse



4th Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

2004 Syracuse Symposium on Environmental and Energy Systems
October 25-26, 2004, The Erie Canal Museum, The Marx Hotel, Syracuse



3rd Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

3rd Environmental Systems Symposium at Syracuse
October 27-28, 2003, Syracuse University



2nd Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Environmental Quality Systems Symposium at Syracuse
October 29-30, 2002, Lyle Auditorium, Carrier Corporation and Wyndham Syracuse Hotel



1st Annual SyracuseCoE Symposium

Symposium on Indoor and Urban Environmental Systems at Syracuse

October 30-31, 2001, Syracuse University