Professor Melissa Green

Melissa Green

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Syracuse University

Focus Areas: Biological fluid mechanics (specifically fish swimming), fluid structure interactions, vortex dynamics, turbulence, turbulent combustions

Faculty Fellows Projects:

2016 Projects
Professor Green’s research focuses on complex 3D vortex structures, and how they are generated when flow interacts with stationary or articulated surfaces. As a Faculty Fellow, Professor Green is testing a new technique for fluid dynamic data visualization using the commercial virtual reality headset to explore three-dimensional data sets. She will use this tool for community engagement, particularly with K-12 students who visit the SyracuseCoE Headquarter. The use of this technology provides a new way to view three-dimensional data sets and creates an avenue for collaboration with Prof. Krietemeyer and Prof. Bartosh in the School of Architecture.

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