The Good Life CNY Job Portal Attracts 3,000+ Prospective Applicants Over Last 6 Months

CenterState CEO continues to lead TEC Innovates’ workforce development efforts and, in partnership with Advance Media NY, has formally launched a talent attraction and retention initiative called The Good Life CNY. A branded website connects CNY companies’ open positions with job seekers. The all-in-one resource helps sell the region as a great place to live, work and play in order to attract talent for many of the region’s industries with the highest demand for skilled workers. The website weaves a narrative of the high quality of life available in CNY through diverse culture, seasons and activities, the availability of good education and all within an affordable, central location in the Northeast. 

The majority of funding for this campaign is coming directly from the companies with the highest demands for talent, many within the TEC regional cluster. Syracuse University and SyracuseCoE have also invested in the effort, given the direct benefit to companies within the TEC Innovates cluster.

There has been a significant amount of traffic showing early success. In the past 6 months over 30,000 unique users visited the main site, mainly from nearby cities such as Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Columbus, and Detroit. Promisingly, the job portal has had over 3,000 unique users seeking to learn more about 7,600 CNY jobs.

CenterState CEO and Advance Media NY continue to elevate promotion of this effort within CNY and to communities with large populations of the talent our company’s demand. This effort is expected to run through the end of October 2020 with a possible continuation into 2021.