SyracuseCoE Analysis & Design Center (ADC)

Project-Based Learning That Bridges the Gap Between the Classroom and the Workplace

SyracuseCoE’s Analysis & Design Center (ADC) assists companies with product design challenges by offering access to Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer design solutions.  Faculty from Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science work with graduate students to develop computer modeling solutions to to address company-defined or “real world” challenges.

The goal of the ADC is to build the skills of graduate-level engineering students while assisting New York State companies address product development challenges. Students learn how to apply academic and technical skills in the workplace through “real world” projects.

ADC project pricing is based on a review of the project and an assessment of faculty and student effort required. SyracuseCoE will fund 25% of the cost of projects for New York State-based firms , with funding support from NYSTAR. Recognizing the use of academic software licenses, students working on projects retain the right to publish results of their work.

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