Research Areas

SyracuseCoE is at the forefront of groundbreaking green and clean technology research, leveraging world-class R&D facilities from the iconic, high-performance, LEED–Platinum-designed “living laboratory” that is the SyracuseCoE headquarters to the state-of-the-art labs of our partners.

Graduate Research Assistants from the COMER Lab conduct fuel cell research.
Graduate Research Assistants from the COMER Lab conduct fuel cell research.

SyracuseCoE supports student, faculty and industry researchers through a number of functions including:

  • Connecting academic and industry researchers to translate innovations from the lab to market
  • Pursuing and capturing funding specifically for environmental and energy research
  • Catalyzing partnerships for large research projects with interdisciplinary teams

SyracuseCoE is focused on addressing global challenges in three focus areas: clean and renewable energy, water resources, and indoor environmental quality. SyracuseCoE uniquely seeks to unite research across these three research areas.

Take a look at the SyracuseCoE Faculty Fellows Program and  SyracuseCoE’s Projects to learn how SyracuseCoE supports students, faculty and industry research.

energy-icon-01Clean and Renewable Energy

SyracuseCoE and its Partners are pursuing multiple opportunities to produce energy in a more clean and renewable manner and to use that energy more efficiently. Example projects in this research area include systems engineering algorithms that analyze and facilitate deployment of a variety of energy generation and storage assets on the grid; design and engineering of distributed generation sources that connect to or supplement the grid; intelligent building ventilation systems that optimize energy usage and comfort for occupants; and development of forestry- and agriculture-based products that reduce environmental impacts and provide alternatives to existing petroleum based products.

ieq-icon-01Indoor Environmental Quality

Conditions inside buildings are associated with human health and performance, energy cost and availability, and ecosystem sustainability. SyracuseCoE researchers have been internationally recognized for advancements in education, funding, resources, research, demonstration and commercialization activities in indoor environmental quality (IEQ), as well as unique test facilities and an extensive portfolio of projects at firms and academic institutions. SyracuseCoE IEQ projects include low-cost, low energy consuming sensors for real-time monitoring of IEQ parameters; new fan designs and assemblies that result in improved energy efficiency and lower sound levels; filtration systems with low cost, low pressure drop, and high efficiency removal capabilities for IEQ contaminants; demonstration of improved IEQ achieved through the reduction or elimination of harmful emissions from new materials that can be used for building finishes and furnishings; and understand the impact of changes in IEQ on human health and performance, specifically deepening the current understanding of asthma and human productivity.

water-icon-01Water Resources

The quality and security of water resources are critical issues across the Central Upstate New York region and around the world. With more than 20% of the world’s fresh water resources in our backyard, SyracuseCoE researchers have exceptional capabilities to analyze the complex dynamics of entire watersheds and to develop innovations that promote healthy ecosystems. The scope of SyracuseCoE water resources projects include research on quality and quantity of water resources including lakes, streams, rivers, and groundwater; drinking water supply and distribution systems; wastewater treatment systems; and watershed management including green infrastructure for storm water management, land use impacts, atmospheric deposition impacts, climate change, and invasive species.