R&D Facilities

This LEED™-Platinum building has both laboratory and office space for research and business collaborations on innovative products and services in SyracuseCoE’s core focus areas of clean and renewable energyindoor environmental quality, and water resources.

The SyracuseCoE Headquarters Building is a test bed for environmental and energy technologies and building innovations. The facility includes:

Most importantly, the SyracuseCoE Headquarters has lab and office space available for its partners. Companies and organizations with services, products, and research and demonstration investments in our core areas are welcome to license the use of our unique facilities and/or locate functions in the HQ building.


SyracuseCoE has invested $8.7 million to create new facilities that will help companies and universities develop new products to improve energy efficiency in buildings.  Investments at SyracuseCoE Headquarters include laboratories and “testbeds” for the New York Energy Regional Innovation Cluster, a pioneering statewide alliance that is focused on achieving breakthroughs in energy efficiency in buildings. View our Lab Brochure.

Offsite Facilities

Additional assets for research, development, and demonstration of advanced building systems include facilities on the campus of Syracuse University.