Jianshun “Jensen” Zhang, Ph.D.

Executive Director, SyracuseCoE

Dr. Zhang has more than 30 years of research experience in built environmental systems  (BES) and is a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering in the College of Engineering & Computer Science at Syracuse University. He is one of three co-leaders of the University’s Energy and Environment research cluster and leads the Heathy and Intelligent Built Environments subcluster. Zhang also serves as the director of the Building Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory at Syracuse University. Currently he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of building energy and environmental systems and fundamental heat and mass transfer.

Professor Zhang’s research ranges multi-scale BES from nano/micro-scale in porous media to buildings and urban environment and cut across multi-disciplines including engineering, architectural design, public heath,  and human performance. His research interests include pollutant emission source characterization and reduction, ventilation, and air purification, building envelope system design and performance modeling, and intelligent buildings. He also co-leads an international group in developing methods and tools for combined heat, air, moisture and pollutant simulations (CHAMPS) for building systems. Zhang led the International Association of Building Physics from 2018-2022 and was Chair of the 7th International Building Physics Conference, held in Syracuse in 2018.  He was also a co-founder of IAQVEC Association and Chaired its 7th international conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings, also held in Syracuse in 2010. He also served as Chair of the ASHRAE TC 4.10 Indoor Environmental Modeling, Chair of the ASHRAE Environmental Health Committee, and a member of the ASHRAE Research Administration Committee. He was a U.S. Expert Representative to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Annex 20, 68, 78 and 86 on collaborative projects related to indoor airflow modeling, indoor air quality, air cleaning and low-energy buildings. He is Fellow of ASHRAE and a member of the International Academy of Indoor Air Science (ISIAQ Fellow).

Professor Zhang received B.S. and M.S. degrees from China Agricultural University in Beijing and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has authored/co-authored over two hundred peer-reviewed journal papers and refereed conference papers, one book, 3 book chapters, and lead the development of 2 ASTM and 1 ANSI/BIFMA Standards on environmental chamber testing of chemical emissions. He serves on the Editorial Boards of several international journals including the “Science and Technology for the Built Environment”,  “Ventilation,” “Building Simulations,” “High-Rise Buildings,” and “Frontiers of Architectural Research.

Prof. Zhang has extensive experience in working with industry on research and product development, demonstration, and commercialization. He has been the PI for numerous research and product development projects sponsored by major corporations and industrial associations. He has worked with many small to medium size companies to test and evaluate their products for commercialization. He has consulted or provided services for industrial corporations and associations in U.S., France, Japan and China, which has contributed to successful establishment of national and international standards for testing and evaluation of low-emission materials and products, and air purification technologies.

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Neil Webb

Chair, SyracuseCoE Industry Partners Council
Director, Markets and Growth, Ramboll, Syracuse

Neil Webb serves as chair of the Industry Partners Council since March 2017. Mr. Webb has been working within the energy industry for over 26 years. His experience spans the evolution of energy markets from the vertically integrated holding companies of the early 1990s to today’s deregulated marketplace. During this transformation, Mr. Webb has been engaged by utilities, independent system operators and energy supply companies to assist in strategic and operational functions of both the wholesale and retail energy markets. Recently, Mr. Webb’s work has been focused at the retail level assisting entities with critical decisions involving energy products from the procurement of electricity, natural gas, and oil to the planning and management of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), and Green House Gas (GHG) products. Mr. Webb has a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from Clarkson University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Rochester’s Simon School.

Bing Dong

Associate Director for Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering & Computer Science, Syracuse University

Dr. Dong has more than 20 years of experience in grid-interactive efficient (GEB) buildings, intelligent building controls, and occupant behavior modeling in buildings. Dr. Dong was Subtask A leader for IEA EBC Annex 66 project: “Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings” and currently serves as activity 2 leader for IEA EBC Annex 79 project: “Occupant-Centric Building Design and Operation”, involving more than 100 researchers from 16 countries. Dr. Dong has led 23 research projects since 2013 that lead to research awards totaling over $10 million funded by Department of Energy (DOE), ARPA-E, NYSERDA, industries, and National Science Foundation. He is the receipt of 2019 NSF CAREER award. He has over 100 journal and conference papers published, and holds six technical patents. He serves as research committee chair of ASHRAE MTG.OBB, and an associate editor of the Journal of Building Simulation.

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SyracuseCoE Industry Partners Council

The SyracuseCoE Industry Partners Council offers input and guidance on selected resource allocations.